The PCEG held its first "Dog-Poo Awareness Day" in 1998. We flagged over 900 offending "items" on the Plumstead Commons, hoping to bring dog owners to a state of conscience about the extent of the problem. We have held several similar days since then.  Because of the increasing numbers of dangerous dogs and irresponsible dog owners, the PCEG lobbied the council to implement Dog Control Orders.

The group is dog friendly and has several dog-owning members. We are confident now that the majority of dog owners are “picking up”.

Past Projects

In March 1999 some members of the group helped the Council and children from Greenslade School plant some cuttings on the margins of the common near the Slade to create the hedge that is thriving there now. The PCEG have recently planted some more hedging to fill in some gaps

On our awareness days we held demonstrations of various kinds of pooper-scooper and felt the day had been very successful. Support from passers-by was very positive indeed. There were many requests to repeat the event, and the difference it has made is really noticeable.