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Common Folk

'Common Folk' (in two volumes) is a nostalgic look back, through a large collection of stories and photographs, to a time when life was a lot slower but also, all too often, a lot harder.

When it was harder to make ends meet: the Depression, the war years, rationing, and poverty. Also stories of happier times, when folk got by on much less and appreciated things much more.

A collection of stories as told by ordinary folk, in their own words, about what life was like for them and their families in the Plumstead and Woolwich districts in those now far off days.

Both volumes for £28.00 Payment can only be made by:

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Each individual volume measures 20cm x 26.5cm (2cm thick).

Both volumes together weigh 1.70 Kg and are soft cover.

All images are in black & white.