As a contribution to the national Big Tidy Up campaign, the PCEG organises a series of “Make a Difference Days” when we hope to get the local community involved in caring for the wonderful green space so close to their homes.

The first “MAD” day was in April 2010. We concentrated on the western end of the common, including the Plumstead Common Nature Reserve.

We leafletted 300 local homes but, sadly, that did not encourage any local people to turn up! Fifteen of the PCEG’s most active volunteers turned up and we collected an enormous quantity of rubbish from the local green space. It was clear from what we found that the council simply don’t have the resources to stay on top of the routine abuse of our environment.

We also gave out free dog poo bags to the many dog walkers who passed by. It was disappointing to see how many dog walkers had no bags with them, and in many cases our offers were refused. Two dog walkers in fact allowed their dogs to foul the footpaths within moments of refusing the bags!

We had a team painting our graffiti as well. There was one tag on the adventure playground (that the staff there really should have cleaned off as soon as it appeared) that has appeared all over the local area. If anybody can identify the culprit who even painted this tag on the side of the handsome Shooters Hill water tower, we’d be very glad to know!

Make a Difference Days